Preferred Dentist Network (PDN)

The Preferred Dentist Network (PDN) is the foundation of an alternative plan design for groups seeking dental coverage.  Combining a maximum reimbursement fee schedule with the superior mechanisms of the Dental Saving Account (DSA)a dollar-based dental plan, will provide plan flexibility with competitive pricing.

The PDN fee schedule was developed using comparisons of major dental carrier fees that are currently being utilized throughout the state of Florida.  All fees have been carefully formulated and assigned the highest fee for each CPT/ADA code.

All PDN fees provide ample reimbursement for all procedures while maintaining a level of market competitiveness.  This balance allows for the development of actuarially sound premiums to be paired with the more preferable and superior model of a dollar-based mechanism.  The dollar-based model eliminates the need for the many restrictions, limitations and exclusions characteristic of all procedure based indemnity and PPO plan designs.

PDN participation is reserved for members of the FDA.  If you are interested in becoming a participant, please contact 888.995.1242 or e-mail