National Plan

The National Plan is available to current NCOA members only. To see if your state qualifies for a National Plan, please see the flyer below.

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Dental care & feature benefits

The National Plan offers unlimited annual max, no waiting periods, and discounts on other specialty care. With a national network of 275,000 access points, it offers the flexibility you deserve. The National Plan is available to individuals and families, providing coverage to 295 procedures with no deductibles.


Value – $9.94

Standard – $18.95

Preferred – $27.94

Individual + SpouseIndividual + Spouse

Value – $19.89

Standard – $37.89

Preferred – $55.87

Individual + Child(ren)Individual + Child(ren)

Value – $25.32

Standard – $48.22

Preferred – $71.12


Value – $38.74

Standard – $73.78

Preferred – $108.83

Upon successful acceptance of your application, your plan will become effective the first of the following month.

Argus Dental & Vision, Inc. is a Prepaid Limited Health Service Organization and Discount Medical Plan Organization licensed under Florida Statutes, Chapter 636.