Freedom Plan Dental

The Argus Freedom Plan offers quality, affordable coverage for basic and specialty dental care. With no waiting periods, no claims forms, and no deductibles, the Freedom Plan offers easy to use dental coverage. Members have the freedom to choose the best quality care, when they need it. Freedom Plan members save $2,247 on average per year!

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Dental care & feature benefits

With the Freedom Plan Dental, you’ll enjoy: freedom of choice of dentists, no charge for routine cleanings (2 per year, 1 per 6 months), no charge for fluoride application, panoramic/full-series dental x-rays (once every 3 years), fillings (2 per year deeply discounted), surgical extractions (2 per year deeply discounted), crown (1 per year deeply discounted), no pre-existing condition exclusions, no claim forms, no waiting periods, no calendar year maximum, and discounts on specialty care.


$19.88 per month*

$238.56 per year

Individual + SpouseIndividual + Spouse

$39.76 per month*

$477.12 per year

Individual + ChildIndividual + Child

$45.72 per month*

$548.64 per year


$65.61 per month*

$787.32 per year

Upon successful acceptance of your application, your plan will become effective the first of the following month.

*For monthly billing, your account will be debited or charged by the 15th of each month for one month’s premium plus a $1 monthly service charge.

A $35 one-time enrollment fee applies to your first year of enrollment.

Please note: This is plan is not insurance and does not make payments directly to providers of service. The plan member is obligated to pay for all dental services and will receive a discount from providers who participate in the network. This plan provides discounts at certain providers for dental services.

Argus Dental & Vision, Inc. is a Prepaid Limited Health Service Organization and Discount Medical Plan Organization licensed under Florida Statutes, Chapter 636.