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Freedom to Choose the Best Dental Care!

Freedom Plan members save $2,247 on average per year!


The Argus Freedom Plan offers quality, affordable coverage for basic and specialty dental care. Members have the freedom to choose the best quality care and insurance plan, when they need it!


With no waiting periods, no claims forms, and no deductibles, the Freedom Plan offers easy to use dental coverage.

Freedom of Choice

Members have the freedom to access any dentist of their choice, and can enjoy additional savings when using an in-network provider.

Dental Care & Feature Benefits
  • Freedom of Choice of Dentists
  • No Charge for Routine Cleanings: 2 Per Year, 1 Per 6 Months
  • No Charge for Fluoride Application
  • Panoramic/Full-Series Dental X-Rays: Once Every 3 Years
  • Fillings: 2 Per Year Deeply Discounted
  • Surgical Extractions: 2 Per Year Deeply Discounted
  • Crown: 1 Per Year Deeply Discounted
  • No Waiting Periods
  • No Pre-Existing Condition Exclusions
  • No Claims Forms
  • No Calendar Year Maximum
  • Discounts on Specialty Care
$19.88 per month*
  • $238.56 per year
Individual + Spouse
$39.76 per month*
  • $477.12 per year
Individual + Child
$45.72 per month*
  • $548.64 per year
$65.61 per month*
  • $787.32 per year
Typical Savings for Freedom Plan Dental Services:

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*Average cost is based on the National Average of the 80th percentile of usual and customary rates as detailed in the National Dental Advisory Service for 2016.

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Plan Information

The Freedom Plan provides full coverage on various preventative care dental services. Members may select a dentist of their choice. If a Network Dentist is chosen, members will generally incur less out-of-pocket costs. In addition, members are entitled to receive numerous other dental care services identified in the Member Guide/Schedule of Benefits in exchange for the applicable co-payment identified in the Schedule of Benefits.

Member Guide & Schedule of Benefits

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