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To locate a dental or vision provider near you, please select your plan, city and/or zip code, then press the “search” button. To narrow your search results, select provider name, practice name or provider specialty.

Know Before You Go

To make an appointment, simply contact a network provider, identify yourself as an Aflac or Argus member and give the provider’s office the name of your plan, your effective date of coverage, and your member ID number. When you arrive for your scheduled appointment, please be sure to present your member ID card and photo identification. Our provider listing is current as of November 30, 2021. This online provider directory is provided for reference purposes only. We make every effort to ensure that we provide current and accurate data to our members. However, provider information changes frequently. Recent changes may not be reflected in the data presented here. Please contact your provider directly for the most accurate participation information. If you find an inaccuracy in the directory, you may send an email to or call us at (877) 864-0625.

We continue to add both breadth and depth to our provider panels by leveraging geographic data reporting against applicable access standards. We actively recruit where needed and evaluate member and provider survey data to ensure we maintain high standards of care.